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Die erste europäische Kette von unabhängigen Hotels

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Hotusa Hotels offizielle Website. Die erste europäische unabhängige Hotels
2.500 Hotels in über 50 Ländern vertrauen uns ihre Darstellung seit 1977.


Dank dieses Service können Reservierungen für unsere gesamten kooperierenden Hotels von jedem Ort aus, über alle Vertriebskanäle und auf die einfachste und effektivste Art und Weise vorgenommen werden.

Hotusa Hotels vertreibt seine Hotels auf allen existierenden Vertriebskanälen, von den traditionellen bis hin zu den neuesten auf dem Markt. Unser Hotelverzeichnis ist zudem von jedem Computer aus erreichbar. Diese einzigartige Kombination von Kanälen ermöglicht es uns, äußerst effizient zu arbeiten. Außerdem passen wir den Vertrieb an das jeweilige, für das Hotel relevante Marktsegment an.

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Canales de distribución
Callcenter: Hotusa has 4 customer service centres for travel agencies, tour operators and direct clients. These offices are located in Barcelona, Rome, Mexico and Buenos Aires.
Our Own Incoming Network: We have an international reception network offering all of the reception services accompanying our international hotel offer in a standardized manner.
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Own Intranet for Travel Agencies and Tour Operators: has become one of the most highly appreciated working tools for travel agencies worldwide in recent years. Based on Hotusa Group's reservation engine "hotelresb2b," it handles an average of 20,000 availability enquiries each day.

Its main functions are: interactive map search, enquiries by criteria like quality-price, and the possibility of reserving up to 10 different types of rooms per hotel.
Intranet of networks of travel agencies: Different agency networks can access Hotusa intranets directly through their own intranets. Among these are leading travel companies like Viajes Iberia and Viajes Barceló-Racc in Spain, ES Viajens in Portugal, Tourcom or Afat in France.
Multi-browsers for Travel Agencies: Hotusa is in the process of joining the emerging, increasingly numerous multi-supplier hotel search systems.
Web Site for Direct Customers And Companies: is the company's direct sale medium. It uses the Group's technology and figures as a serious bid for our trademark's international identity. We also really trust that this tool can be a practical, useful way of controlling Vertrieb costs.
Integration XML with Tour Operators: Wishing to meet the growing demand for tour operators to know the real availability of accommodations for their clients in a faster, easier manner so that they can make it available to client agencies, Hotusa group has developed the necessary XML protocols to be able to distribute its hotels using this channel.
Private Label for Tour Operators: This is a tool aimed at small tour operators, without their own software, who need an overall solution to offer to their clients.
Integration XML with web agencies: One of the best channels that have appeared in recent years is web search agencies like,,,,,,, which all count on Hotusa as a strategic supplier of hotel bed availability.
Private Label for Tour Operators : Like the tour operator version, this solution has been adopted by more than 5000 small travel agencies to offer their clients the chance to book on-line.
We also have a similar package for companies.
ODD Pegasus: There are lots of big web agencies using PEGASUS technology reservation engines for their websites, sometimes exclusively and sometimes as a supplement for their own product. Hotusa is a hotel representative in its ODD and can therefore access exclusive Vertrieb in well-known websites such as: or HRS in Germany; Orbitz, Expedia, or Hotelclub in the USA, Horse 21 in Holland, Ms Holidays in Malaysia, Venere in Italy, etc.

Amadeus: Only Hotels with Representation.
Amadeus is the GDS leader worldwide in the number of travel agencies. The partnership between Hotusa and Amadeus allows us to reach large travel agencies specialised in the business market, such as CWT, TQ3 or BTI.

Galileo: only hotels with representation.
With a strong position in the USA and Asia, the most relevant organizations booking Hotusa through the Galileo system are THOR and JTB.

Sabre: only hotels with representation.
This is the GDS that is most used in the USA, and organizations like AMERICAN EXPRESS and ABC use this system exclusively to make hotel reservations.

Worldspan: only hotels with representation
Focused on Vertrieb in web agencies, this system is being used by big consortia like DERTOUR in Germany.

Integration with Web Agencies through any GDS: Due to the great variety and number of entries in its hotel portfolio, the GDS systems have developed protocols that allow them to be the main search and booking engine for web agencies in an exclusive way or as an option for enhancing their own product.

OPODO, EXPEDIA, TRAVEL NOW or WORLD CHOICE TRAVEL are organisations which Hotusa reaches through its GDS (Global Vertrieb Systems).
RESTEL Integration with a preferential position in our Tour Operator: With more than 30,000 hotels having signed collaboration agreements worldwide, Restel has positioned itself in only a few years as one of the leading booking centres in all Europe. Hotusa hotels are distributed by RESTEL preferentially, making it one of Hotusa's main clients in the last two years.
Own Platform for Vertrieb on Mobile Platforms (3G and PDA Telephones with Internet Access The latest introduction to Vertrieb systems is the development of a web site designed to be able to be used from mobile telephones like 3G and PDA with Internet access.
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